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Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Health & Lifestyle |

5 Indian Natural Remedies for Your Health

It is not always a good idea to look for medicines for health and well-being. Many natural options are also available in the market today. Here is a look at some of the latter:

Enhance immunity and treat liver infections with gooseberry (amla)

Amla is the Indian gooseberry. It is known to be very rich in Vitamin C. However, what most people do not know is that it is also used extensively as Ayurvedic medicine. The consumption of amla is extremely beneficial for healthy liver functions. There are recorded instances of Indian gooseberry being used in the ancient times for treatment of swollen liver conditions. Regular consumption of gooseberry also helps in boosting the immunity.

Nausea cure with ginger

Ginger is very well known for speeding up recovery from flu, cold and fever. Not many people know that it can also help get rid of nausea. In fact, frozen ginger chips are effective in curing nausea. Grate the ginger (or crush it in the mortar) and put it in water. Boil the water for a few minutes. Strain the water and put it in the ice cube tray of your fridge. Once the concoction freezes you can crush the cube. Now you can suck on the frozen ginger chips all day.


Cure sore throats with garlic

Regular consumption of garlic helps prevent many health conditions including high blood pressure. If you are suffering from a sore throat, you can get relieved with garlic treatment. Mix 6-7 pressed or grounded garlic cloves into warm water. Make sure that the water is not too hot as it will damage its healing properties. Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes. Gargle with this mixture at least twice a day for 3 days. The juice of garlic is antimicrobial and the warmth of water gives relief from inflammation.

Linseed for Menopause

In Ayurveda linseed is popularly used to strengthen the bone structure and also for regulating hormonal metabolism. It is more popularly known as flaxseed in other parts of the world. Linseed contains the substance called lignin, which is known to modulate hormonal metabolism. It can help a great deal when the menopausal symptoms appear. It can also help control anxiety levels. This is why it is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for menopause. Women with menopause problems should consume 1 to 2 spoons of grounded linseed every day.

Basil for headaches

More popularly known as Tulsi in India, Basil is an extremely effective herb for the treatment of many ailments. Basil can give you relief from headache. Besides going for Indian head massage, you can concoction prepared by boiling the basil leaves in water. You can also add a little bit of honey to it for better results.